Feldolgozási idő

Feldolgozási Idő

All processing times displayed on each individual phone page are stated in Business Days or Business Hours. The processing times stated on the site are the average turn around time which is based on information collected from previous orders of each service. Certain services only run Sunday-Thursday (Motorola), many do NOT run Saturday or Sunday. Please do not purchase if you cannot wait the stated times, there are no refunds given while an unlock code is processing (this and all other refund policies are stated below).

ALL CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASED THE FOLLOWING: HTC: Inspire 4G, Aria, Surround, HD7S / Samsung: Infuse 4G, Galaxy S2 i777, Captivate, Focus / Motorola: Bravo, Atrix 4G, Backflip / Sony Ericsson: Experia X10, Xperia Play:

The server used for the above phones slows down several times a month, anywhere between a few hours to a full business day. Please know that we submitted your order immediately after purchase and will email the code and instructions the minute the server sends us the unlock code. Please note that no matter where you buy your code every unlocking company is experiencing the same delays. Once we submit your order we have no way of telling exactly when the unlock code will be available should the server slow down. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does please have patience with the delivery time. If you call our customer service line they will state the same thing. This usually isn’t the case and we will deliver in the time stated but if you have any questions please ask. If you do purchase during this time and wish to cancel once the maximum time passes (24 business hours, Monday-Friday) please don’t call but contact us at the email below with your order number and we will refund your purchase, otherwise thank you for your patience and we will deliver the code soon as it’s available.